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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dreaming About Him!!

Hey! yee all this long Anis mmg tak ada idea nak post ape, then this post is about new thing happen to me, I know it kinda stupid but..... kat pix above, yg tengah2 tu sape?
YAAWW that's Bunkface punye vocalis, Sam.
" So? "
Nothing but actually yesterday Anis dreaming bout him.
Bkn ape just Anis asek pk psl mimpi tu & die je,
sounds betul2 stupid (again) tapi tiap kali Anis igt psl tu jantung asek nak berdetak-detak je,
(What the?? I know!!)
Bile penyakit yg x dpt di-cam ni dtg, bila tgk dia kat iklan TV ke, mmg gile .
That's all I can tell, yg lebih2 psl mimpi tu x bleh nak cite, bahaya...
err... That's all,
Thankyou byebye .

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